Dentures in Upper West SideWhen many or all of your teeth are missing, the function, esthetics, and abilities of your original dentition will need to be restored with artificial teeth. Dentures have decreased in popularity with the increasing predictability of dental implants, however these prostheses will always have a place in conventional dental treatment. Our doctor can fabricate full dentures (if all of the teeth are missing), partial dentures (if missing only some teeth), or dentures that are retained by implants such that you don’t need to worry about them coming loose or falling out. Any of these can be made to look identical to your natural teeth and gums. We can also repair existing dentures if they are in need of fixing or re-lining. If you think that you would benefit from dentures, or would like to talk to us about repairing or making a new, tighter set of dentures for you, please call us at 646-389-8055!