Root Canals in Upper West SideEach tooth in your mouth has a nerve and blood supply within; when these become compromised by a large cavity, fracture, or trauma, the nerve inside the tooth may respond in a number of ways. When the nerve is inflamed or dead/dying, you may experience spontaneous pain, sensitivity upon eating or drinking (especially hot and cold items), pain upon biting, dull aching, or you may notice a bubble forming near your tooth within the gums, which would be the sign of an active infection. Sometimes the nerve will die peacefully, and without any symptoms, however it then often becomes a ticking time bomb before an infection results – yet with appropriate early diagnosis we can prevent this from occurring. When the nerve of a tooth is compromised enough that it requires a root canal, the tooth is anesthetized, the dead nerve is removed, and the root is sealed off to prevent any future infection. Often following a root canal, a tooth becomes more brittle and prone to fracture; this compounded with the tooth already being structurally compromised makes a crown necessary in order to protect the tooth from breaking, though also prevents further bacterial contamination from occurring.

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